How have I changed and what have I learned?  More mature and more independent



Chelsea & Chip

        I am sitting with an iced caramel macchiato reflecting on the time between the day I left for America and now. How have I changed and what have I learned? I am
speechless. This past year’s experience is too overwhelming to express in words. But without a doubt, it has made me more mature and independent. Many people have the misconception that students who study abroad must be extremely brave,
independent and well-prepared. The truth is no one is ready when they depart. I did not have the best English performance in my high school.

overwhelming adjective 

/ˌəʊ.vəˈwel.mɪŋ/ /ˌoʊ.vɚ-/

•difficult to fight against

She felt an overwhelming urge/desire/need to tell someone about what had happened.

•very great or very large

She said how much she appreciated the overwhelming generosity of the public in responding to the appeal.

An overwhelming majority have voted in favour of the proposal.


I was a normal student who studied the same materials as thousands of other students. Studying abroad made me grow and learn to be independent. The
environment made me more mature, so I could take care of myself. I learned to try new things in life; I learned how to dream big. I am still desperate to learn and grow; I am studying with a purpose. I saw the value of friendships; I saw the significance of helping others. I seek a higher academic performance; I seek consistent personal growth. This is what I learned this year. What have you learned?


Deep satisfaction, pleasure



desperate adjective (WANTING)

/ˈdes.pər.ət/ /-pɚ-/

[usually after verb] needing or wanting something very much

They are desperate for help.

humorous I’m desperate for a drink!

[+ to infinitive] He was desperate to tell someone his good news.




Ken & Ashley

What a nightmare. = difficult or frustrated situation

Do something frustrated happen?

Someone took all these books out of shelf and put them back in wrong order.

I think so. = I think I have.

I learned how to dream big.
夢想;渴望, positive dream
bad dream
惡夢 = nightmare
What a nightmare.



But without a doubt, it has made me more mature and independent.
without a doubt = with certainty=beyond any doubt= undoubtedly
Beyond any doubt, it has made me more mature and independent.
Undoubtedly, it has made me more mature and independent.
That movie is undoubtedly the worst movie I’ve seen.
Gloria is without a doubt the fastest runner in my school.
The suspect is guilty beyond any doubt.


overwhelming (adj) 壓倒的; 勢不可擋的
overwhelm (v)
戰勝; 征服; 壓倒
The sudden wealth and fame was too overwhelming for the singer.

§  She was overwhelmed by feelings of guilt. 她感到愧疚難當。

§  He felt completely overwhelmed by their kindness. 他們的好心讓他受寵若驚。

§  The beauty of the landscape overwhelmed me. 秀麗的風光令我深深地陶醉。

He had the overwhelming urge to tell the truth.
misconception (n)
conception (n)
概念, 觀念; 想法
The article’s purpose is to clear up the misconception of minorities.
Nancy had the misconception that only money can make people satisfied.
desperate (adj)
Patricia is desperate to please everyone.

Our company is desperate for financial help.

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