Steve & Hazel

        You scared me.

Chelsea & Chip

beef noun (COMPLAINT)


[C] informal a complaint

My main beef about the job is that I have to work on Saturdays.

What is your beef(problem) with sth?

Is there anything new with you? = What is up?= What is latest news with you?= What has been happening in your life? Not much.

Win sb over (some kind of disagrrement) my side=persuade sb = convince sb

To do my research


What they endure is horrible.

He can’t endure being defeated. 他無法忍受失敗。 V to inf. V -ing

He can’t endure to be defeated. 他無法忍受失敗

Is associated with = is connected with



Ken & Ashley

1.      I give up. 心灰意冷. 放棄

Mark has recently decided to give up meat.

2.      give up something

gived up smoking 戒煙

3.      give up on 離棄;對某人感到失望

4.      give yourself up 屈服;投降 = surrender to





beef (v) 抱怨, 發牢騷 (n) 牛肉

Janet’s beef with her boss is that she got transferred to another office.

Janet因為老闆把她調到 另一個辦公室而抱怨。

The employees’ main beef with the company is the long working hours.


exaggerate (v) 誇張, 誇大

The side-effect of the vaccine was exaggerated by the press.


I’m not exaggerating! The fish I caught was over 25 pounds.

我沒有誇張! 我捉到的魚超過25磅。

associate (v) 聯想, 聯想在一起

People associate Hollywood with fame and wealth.


Smoking is often associated with lung cancer.



It is not exaggerated if you listen to us every day, your English will improve in no time.

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