7_14_Trekking Through the Trees

Steve & Hazel

        You scared me.

Chelsea & Chip

Tarzan’s effortless flights through jungle treetops have had humans living vicariously through him for decades.

 jungle   /ˈdʒʌŋɡl/ DJ 

1.          an area of tropical forest where trees and plants grow very thickly (熱帶)叢林,密林uncountable countable

§  The area was covered in dense jungle. 這個地區叢林密佈。

§  the jungles of South-East Asia 東南亞熱帶叢林

§  jungle warfare 叢林戰

§  Our garden is a complete jungle. 我們的花園雜草叢生。

Vicarious /vɪˈkeə.ri.əs/

perienced as a result of watching, listening to or reading about the activities of other people, rather than by doing the activities yourself

Through her letters we were able vicariously to experience her excitement.

 If only swinging from branch to branch through the jungle rooftop were as feasible for real people. Thanks to canopy trekking, now it is! Today, humans can walk or “fly" through leafy treetops, all the while enjoying nature at its finest. 最佳探索地点“exploration at its finest

canopy noun  /ˈkæn.ə.pi/ [C]

the branches and leaves that spread out at the top of a group of trees forming a type of roof.


How it all started

Humans have long been drawn to the mysteries of rainforest canopies. Suspended at around 40 m in the air, these canopies are the most productive habitats on Earth.

habitat noun  /ˈhæb.ɪ.tæt/ [C or U]

the natural environment in which an animal or plant usually lives

With so many areas of woodland being cut down, a lot of wildlife is losing its natural habitat.


As much as 40 percent of the world’s species spend their lives living among the canopy branches! That’s not surprising seeing as(considering the fact that) the green canopy leaves receive so much sunlight that there is constant food and warmth.

Scientists were among the first to understand the vast diversity of rainforest canopies. diversity noun  /da ɪˈvɜː.sɪ.ti//dɪˈvɝː.sə.t ̬i/ [S or U]

In the 1970s they began to study canopies by using ropes to access their heights and building platforms for long-term surveillance.

surveillance noun  /səˈveɪ.lənt s//sɚ-/ [U]

the careful watching of a person or place, especially by the police or army, because of a crime that has happened or is expected

The police have kept the nightclub under surveillance because of suspected illegal drug activity.

More banks are now installing surveillance cameras.

Today, even more elaborate methods are used to study the canopies. One of those methods, canopy walkways, has recently become more than a science project -canopy walkways are now popular tourist attractions too.


Ken & Ashley

Overhear /ˌəʊvəˈhɪə(r)/ DJ

I overheard a conversation between two boys on the bus. 我在公共汽車上無意中聽到兩個男孩的談話。

We overheard them arguing. 我們碰巧聽到他們吵嘴。 VN -ing

I overheard him say he was going to France. 我偶然聽見他說他要去法國。 VN inf.


thanks to you thank you 不一樣

thanks to you 就等於 because of you

Thanks to you, I was late for the meeting.

No thanks to you= no help.

I finally got my license, no thanks to you.

用在諷刺 Thanks to your foolishness, we lost a lot of money.


No thanks to you. 你沒有功勞

I finally got my license no thanks to you! 你沒有幫我任何忙

Thanks, but no thanks. 不要,謝謝



If only swinging from branch to branch through the jungle rooftop were as feasible for real people.

if only

I wish

I wish my house were bigger.

If only my house were bigger.

I wish the theater tickets were cheaper.

If only theater tickets were cheaper.




trek (v) /trek/健行;艱苦跋涉; 緩慢地行進;移居; 離開

trekked / trekking

We trekked through the forest and reached the lake in the afternoon.


Sam and his friends went treakking in the mountains last weekend.


vicariously (adv) 間接地;代替地

Through the author’s description we can vicariously experience his exotic journey.


Those who are addicted to online games live vicariously

through computers and stop living in the real world.


surveillance (n) 看守; 監視;監督; 檢查

The thief tampered with several surveillance cameras.

temper verb (REDUCE) /ˈtem.pər

formal to make something less strong, extreme, etc.

My enthusiasm for the venture was somewhat tempered by my knowledge of the work that would be involved.

I learnt to temper my criticism.



如果是在某人的監視下 介係詞用 under

The police put the suspect under surveillance last week.


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