7_13_The Panama Canal: connecting oceans




Chelsea & Vicky

American President Theodore Roosevelt quickly took over where the French crew had left off. He bought the canal property and sent a team of workers to finish the project. Led by John Stevens, the American team got rid of the mosquitoes. This effort helped the team of nearly 40,000 workers to stay healthy and productive. The team used gigantic steam shovels to make a path for the canal. But even with the help of such large equipment, the work progressed slowly.

Finally, after nearly 10 years of non-stop digging, the canal successfully opened in 1914. The story didn’t make the headlines, though. The public was focused on World War 1, Therefore the canal wasn’t dedicated until July 12, 1920. Since the canal first opened, more than 960,000 ships have traveled through it. The Panama Canal has become an important link in global shipping. A journey

that took weeks now takes hours.


Dedicated ;You use dedicated to describe something that is made, built, or designed for one particular purpose or thing; (建築物等)舉行落成典禮


Ken & Ashley

英文有許多不可數名詞 equipment 是指所有的裝備不可加 s

Luggage, candy如果要數的話,有一個很好的字 piece

a piece of candy

three pieces of luggage

five pieces of equipment

work 是工作,也是不可數

你可用 jobs, tasks, projects, chores 來表示不同的工作項目

A lot of homework, forniture

scenery 不可數

views 視野 是可數的


The story didn’t make the headlines

headlines; the title of a newspaper article

make; to become or be treated as important news

to make the headlines

The young girl’s darling attempt to rescue a horse in a burning barn made the headlines.

red barn

The politician’s son made the headlines when he was caught driving without a license.



The camera crew already set up their equipment in the press conference room.


The cabin crew started their service after the captain made the announcement.


A cabin is a small room in a ship or boat .

crew 集合名詞

[C + singular or plural verb] a group of people who work together, especially all those who work on and operate a ship, aircraft, etc.

an ambulance/lifeboat crew

a TV/film/camera crew

The aircraft has/carries a crew of seven.

See also: aircrew

productive (adj) 生產的;效率高的;成效高的

product (n) 產品

a productive land 產量豐富的土地

The meeting was very productive. A lot of important decisions were made.

這個會議很有成效。 很多重要决定都已經定案。

headline (n) 頭條新聞;報紙的頭板

The couple‘s wedding was in the headlines of the newspaper today.


make the headlines 成為頭條新聞

The scandal surrounding the mayor made today’s headlines.


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