Panama Canal /kəˈnæl/ trivia   /ˈtrɪviə/

1.       unimportant matters, details or information 瑣事;細枝末節 uncountable


Chelsea & Vickey

European sailors in the 1500s sought a shortcut to the west coasts of the Americas. Back then, this trip required sailing around Cape Horn, which is the

southernmost tip of South America. But Spanish explorer Vasco de Balboa’s discovery offered hope. When he crossed the Isthmus of Panama in 1513, he

discovered how narrow it was. Only 80.5 km of land separated the Atlantic [ətˈlæntik] from the Pacific /pəˈsɪfɪk/ ! The Spanish surveyed the area in hopes of building a canal. But the local governor decided it was impossible.

Fast-forward to 1869. Ferdinand de Lesseps had completed the 163-km-long Suez Canal, a waterway linking Europe and Asia. France asked him to repeat

his success at Panama. He agreed to try. When digging started in 1881, de Lesseps thought building a canal across Panama would be easy. But he didn’t realize that digging in a jungle(叢林) would be so dangerous. De Lesseps and his team abandoned their project after thousands of workers died from diseases caused by mosquitoes.



to stop doing something, especially before it is finished; to stop having something 中止;放棄;不再有

Ken & Ashley

The Panama Canal

kennel /ˈkenl/ 狗舍 就是 doghouse

to be in the doghouse

if you are in the doghouse, somebody is annoyed with you because of something that you have done 受冷落;失體面;丟臉


seek (v) 尋找; 探索; 追求

The charity organization is seeking financial support from the government.


seek sought sought

We sought a solution to the problem but found no answer.


survey (v) 俯視, 眺望, 環視;測量, 勘測, 測繪

Engineers surveyed the surrounding area before building the dam.


Victor went to his farm to survey the tornado’s damage.

Victor 去他的農場勘測龍捲風所造成的損傷。

abandon (v) 放棄, 中止

We had to abandon the project due to insufficient funds.


The mountaineers abandoned their attempt to

reach the top because of bad weather conditions.


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