How to get the most out of your life?

Chelsea & Chip

What kinds of people can benefit from coaching?

Anyone who wants to try new patterns and form new habits in their life can benefit from coaching. People who are open to new possibilities and prepared to do what is necessary to reach their goals benefit most.

What happens in a typical life coaching session?
I do a number of coaching “exercises" to get an accurate idea of a client’s strengths and values. Questions are also a critical part of coaching. A simple question can have a long-term effect on a person’s lifestyle. In every coaching session, I listen intently and repeat aloud the exact words I heard from the client.People often respond with enthusiasm and praise me for the wisdom of my words. I tell them I am simply saying their own words back to them.

What results can people expect from life coaching?

People who achieve their goals experience more peace of mind, satisfaction and success in life. Ideally, coaching helps people shift to a higher level of performance and achieve desired results more consistently. I often compare coaching to dropping a stone in the middle of a pond. It’s amazing to watch the ripples move to the edges of the shore and sometimes even beyond.


pond   /pɒnd/ DJ   /pɑːnd/ DJ US   /pɑnd/ KK US

a small area of still water, especially one that is artificial 池塘(尤指人工的) noun

§  a fish pond 養魚池


Ken & Ashley

metaphor (n) 隱喻(一種修辭法);象徵
simile (n) (
修辭)直喻; 明喻 *一定會用到 like as 來作比喻
All the world’s a stage.
世界是個舞台 *這是個 metaphor
All the world is like a stage. *
這就變成 simile 因為你用了 like 這個字
analogy (n)



People who achieve their goals experience more peace of mind,
satisfaction and success in life.
peace of mind
feeling calm: not being worried about anything
Clarence finds it difficult to have peace of mind about investing in this global economic recession
Ever since Helen has started attending church regularly, she has experienced peace of mind



critical (adj) 關鍵性的;緊要的
The patient is now at the critical stage of treatment, so he needs to be hospitalized.
Bank funding plays a critical role in this merger.
intently (adv)
專心地, 專注地
The kids watched the puppet show intently.
The students listened intently when the teacher taught the new formula.
ripple (n)
漣漪, 細浪; 波紋;一陣陣
The kid threw a big stone into the lake and watched the ripples spread
across the water.
Ripples of applause ran through the audience during the circus.

applause   /əˈplɔːz/ DJ   /ə‘plɔz/ KK

the noise made by a group of people clapping their hands and sometimes shouting to show their approval or enjoyment 鼓掌;喝彩 noun uncountable

§  Give her a big round of applause! 為她熱烈鼓掌!

§  The audience broke into rapturous applause. 聽眾中爆發出一片歡呼喝彩聲。

ripple effect 連鎖效應
The negative financial report caused a ripple effect on the stock market.

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