Vicky & Chip

With most things in life, practice makes perfect, and that is true of confidence skills. The more you practice them, the easier they will become (for you).


Body language (movement of body; gesture; position; facial expression; communication without using a word)
Always hold your head high and look people in the eye. Answer questions clearly and confidently. The way you walk shows others how confident you are.

Strengths and talents
Focus on the things that you do well, and look for opportunities to use those abilities.

Visual encouragement.
It could be a good test score or a prize from a contest.
Remind yourself that one success often leads to the next.

Good preparation
Prepare thoroughly for every project. You’ll approach the task more confidently knowing that you’re ready.

Learning from mistakes helps you face the same situation later without fear.
Tou can learn to love and accept yourself and live your life with confidence.


Ken & Ashley

Look who’s here.
Well, look who’s here.
瞧瞧 誰來了

look people in the eye(O)
look at people in the eye(X)
look someone up and down
上下打量某人, negative meaning.
look no further


…practice makes perfect and that is true of confidence skills.
that is true of…
practice makes perfect; confidence skills; that is true of
Trust is an important part of a good relationship, and that is true of successful business relationships.
People should be quick to listen and slow to speak, and that is true of conflict management.


opportunity (n) 機會; 良機
The receiver dropped the ball and missed a golden opportunity to score.
The company gave me the opportunity to transfer to Japan but I didn’t accept it.
visual (
/ˈvɪʒuəl/ DJ adj) 視覺的;看得見的; 可被看見的;
Geoffrey uses a lot of visual aids in his teaching.
The movie’s visual effects were made by top professionals.
thoroughly (adv)
徹底地; 認真仔細地
Make sure you check your report thoroughly before you turn it in.
thorough (adj) /ˈθʌrə/
A thorough inspection of the security system

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