Hazel & Steve

Childen develop confidence when they are loved and encouraged to try new things.

Confidence doesn’t come easily. It takes practice.

Vickey & Chip

Do you walk right in full of confidence? Or do you try to slip in without being noticed?
In life, we admire those who do their tasks confidently.

task   /tɑːsk/ DJ    /tæsk/ DJ US    /tæsk/ KK US

1. a piece of work that somebody has to do, especially a hard or unpleasant one (尤指艱巨或令人厭煩的)任務,工作

§ to perform/carry out/complete/undertake a task 執行╱完成╱承擔任務\


Where does that confidence begin? Developing self-confidence starts very early.
It’s the parents’ role to get kids on the right track toward becoming confident people.

To help that process, parents should always offer more praise than criticism. That can be done by focusing on the child’s strengths.

When children make mistakes, their parents should still let them know that they are loved.

More Information
Here are three simple steps for building self-confidence. First, set goals: make goals realistic and attainable-to maximize feelings of success. Next imagine yourself-or visualize-performing your tasks and activities perfectly, to maxirnize the potential of success, Finally use verbal encouragement and positive
self-talk. By verbally encouraging yourself (e.g. with phrases such as, “I’m doing really well today!") you’ll reinforce feelings of self-confidence.

reinforce   /ˌriːɪnˈfɔːs/ DJ   /-ˈfɔːrs/ DJ US   /ˈriɪn’fɔrs/ KK US

1. to make a feeling, an idea, etc. stronger 加強;充實;使更強烈 VN

§ The experience reinforced my sense of loss. 這一經歷讓我更加感到失落。

Ken & Ashley

self-critical 對自己很苛責
self-esteem 自尊
self-respect 自重
self-discipline 自律


slip in 溜進去;敲敲的進去
slipped / slipping
Sandra slipped i the meeting without anyone noticing that she was late.
Sandra 敲敲的溜進會議中,沒有人注意到他遲到了。
slip out 溜出去
Jay quietly slipped out of class and went home.
Jay 安靜地溜出教室然後回家了。
on the right track 方向正確
I discussed my thesis with my professor to make sure
it is on the right track.
Even though we haven’t solved the problem yet,
we’re sure we’re on the right track.
雖然我們還沒有解決這個問題, 但我們確定我們的方向是正確。
risk (n) 風險;危險
There’s a high risk of getting computer viruses if you don’t use any antivirus software.
Don’t take a risk by downloading unknow software of games.

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