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Scientific and personal challenges


Beginning in 1865, Pasteur spend three years investigating the bacteria that were the culprits and developing ways to prevent their spread.


Culprit a person or thing responsible for causing a problem 肇事者;引起問題的事物

In 1866 Pasteur lost two daughters to typhoid fever.

Two years later he became partially paralyzed as a result of grief and stress.


grief   /ɡriːf/ DJ   /grif/ KK

a feeling of great sadness, especially when somebody dies (尤指因某人去世引起的)悲傷,悲痛,傷心 uncountable countable ~ (over/at sth)

§  She was overcome with grief when her husband died. 丈夫去世時她悲痛欲絕。

§  They were able to share their common joys and griefs. 他們做到了同甘共苦。



But despite these difficulties, Pasteur pressed on to even greater accomplishments.
press on;   press ahead

If you press on or press ahead, you continue with a task or activity in a determined way, and do not allow any problems or difficulties to delay you.

Fighting disease

….emerging scientific field of immunization

He developed vaccines for diseases that affected sheep and chickens. then he took on the deadly disease rabies.
Following Pasteur’s success with rabies, the Pasteur Institute was founded to
support Pasteur’s scientific work.

Pasteur himself headed the institute until his death in 1895. Today, the Pasteur
Institute continues to save lives through science.

More Information
While researching fermentation, Pasteur proved that the theory of spontaneous generation-that living material, like germs, simply appeared out of nowhere-was actually incorrect. Through his experiments. Pasteur proved that germs were carried through the air, In England, Dr. Joseph Lister read a paper Pasteur had published and then conducted his own experiments that led to the practice of sterilizing medical equipment in the hospital.


Ken & Ashley

Pasteur took on the deadly disease rabies.
take on
take on more responsibilities
take on a new look
take on
的相反不是 take off
take off your jacket
take off


culprit (n) 罪犯;元兇;罪魁禍首
Police are searching for the culprits who robbed the downtown bank.
When teenagers stop interacting with the people around them,
online games are often the main culprit.
emerging (adj)
emerge (v)
The emerging market of South America attracted any investors.
The emerging young musician has captured the attention of critics.
vaccine (n)
Pharmaceutical companies spent millions of dollars
developing a vaccine to cure the highly contagious disease.
製藥公司花了數百萬美元 開發治療高度傳染病的疫苗。

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