His life is influential and inspiring. Louis Pasteur.


       Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.

Thomas A. Edison, Harper’s Monthly, 1932


Chelsea & Chip

Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goal. My strength lies solely in my tenacity. (Hiking takes a lot of tenacity, never give up)

He harnessed the power of science to solve problems that afflicted the industries and people of his time.


to control and use the force or strength of something to produce power or to achieve something 控制,利用(以產生能量等) VN

§         attempts to harness the sun’s rays as a source of energy 利用日光作為能源的嘗試

§         We must harness the skill and creativity of our workforce. 我們必須盡量發揮全體職工的技能和創造力。

worthy   /ˈwɜːði/ wealthy   /ˈwelθi/ DJ

Pasteur quickly moved through …., earning his doctorate

In 1857 he finally settled at…, a famous teacher’s college in Paris, where he assumed the position of ….

Assume, to take or begin to have power or responsibility 承擔(責任);就(職);取得(權力) VNformal

The court assumed responsibility for the girl’s welfare. 法庭承擔了保障這個女孩福利的責任。

assume the role, position, presidency of country


Fermentation(sth turn sour), the biological process that causes products such as milk to turn sour, is carried out by very tiny organisms.

His research led to the process of pasteurization, which uses heat to kill harmful germs in a variety of food products.


Ken & Ashley

A: What a terrible ending! I heard so many good things about this book. But it didn’t live up to my expectations. Oh, well.
K: What book are you talking about, Ashley?
A: The Receiver by Michael Spock. It’s not worth your time.
K: You said “It didn’t live up to your expectations.” What did you mean by that?
A: I meant that I hope it would a good book. But actually, it was the opposite.
K: So, expectations are those feelings we have about something.
A: They can affect your feelings. But they are more the beliefs and perceptions we have about something. For example, if you are excited to see a new movie, maybe you have expectations that it is a good movie.
K: Right. But sometimes my friends recommend movies to me and I end up disliking them.
A: Then the movie doesn’t live up to your expectations. You had high expectations because your friend raved about it.
K: Yes, and speaking of high expectations, some parents are said to have high expectations of their children.
A: That’s right. They expect their children to get good grades and encourage their kids to be the best.
K: Can people have low expectations?
A: Yes, if you have low expectations of something, you believe it won’t be very good. In fact, it might be very bad. So, you don’t get your hopes up.
K: So, if you lend me that book you’re reading, I would have low expectations because you said it wasn’t very good.
A: Yes, but I don’t know, maybe it would exceed your expectations by being very good.
K: Does that mean it would be better than I expected.
A: Yes, it would exceed your expectations.
K: Hmm. Maybe we have different tastes in books.
A: I’ll let you read it for yourself, you can borrow it.
K: OK. I’ll let you know what I think.

live up to one’s expectations就是達到某人的期望

high/low expectations

exceed your expectations.

Meet ones expectations.


rave, If you rave about something, you speak or write about it with great enthusiasm.

to talk or write about something in a very enthusiastic way 熱烈談論(或書寫);(熱情洋溢地)奮筆疾書 ~ (about sb/sth)

The critics raved about his performance in ‘Hamlet’. 評論家們熱情讚揚了他在《哈姆雷特》中的表演。 V





Pasteur applied himself to meeting his father’s expectations that he be educated and eventually teach.
apply to = ask for something
apply himself to do something with extra special care or attention
Jill is a hard worker; she has always applied herself to every assignment.
We knew we didn’t have much time left, so we applied ourselves to the research.
That person just isn’t applying himself at work.


tenacity (n) 堅持到底,頑強,不屈不撓,韌性
His courage and tenacity made him an extraordinary general.
The team won the game using teamwork and tenacity.
afflict (v)
折磨,使痛苦 (with)
Poverty and constant racial conflicts afflicted this country for many years.
Rachel has been afflicted with severe allergies and no medicine seems able to help her.
assume (v)
Nathan will assume more responsibility once he becomes the manager.
assume office
The president will assume office next Saturday.

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