I cannot think of many places in the world where motor vehicles are banned.


Chelsea & Chip

They arrive by ferry every April and returnto the Michigan mainland ….

Each horse works just four and a half hours a day hauling goods or people.

If you haul something which is heavy or difficult to move, you move it using a lot of effort.

Many hotels offer lodging on the island

clip_image001 lodging   /ˈlɒdʒɪŋ/ DJ   /ˈlɑːdʒ-/ DJ US   /’lɑdʒɪŋ/ KK US

temporary accommodation 暫住;寄宿;借宿 

full board and lodging(= a room to stay in and all meals provided) 食宿全包

It was build in just 93 days by 600 men who had a great incentive.

tax incentives to encourage savings 鼓勵儲蓄的稅收措施

There is no incentive for people to save fuel. 沒有使人們節約燃料的鼓勵辦法。

If something is an incentive to do something, it encourages you to do it.

financial incentive 經濟刺激;工作獎金

Ashley & Ken


I could eat a horse. 我餓到可以吃一匹馬
hold your horses
charley horse~cramp



        Legend has it that the owners offered them a million
dollar bonus if they finished in 90 days or less
legend has it that…= according to legend
According to legend, the owners offered them a million dollar
bonus If they finished in 90 days or less.
Rumor has it that a famous director will be making another movie soon.
rumor has it = word has it
Word has it that the company will be opening a branch office in Europe.


haul (v) ;;搬運
The workers used heavy machinery to haul the car from the lake.
We tried to haul the heavy stones away from the road.
A truck hauled the boxes away from the dock.
incentive (n)
刺激; 鼓勵; 動機
The company offers a high bonus as an incentive for employees to work harder.
There’s little incentive for people to save money when the interest rate is so low.
legend (n)
傳說; 傳奇故事; 傳奇文學
The movie is based on a Chinese legend.
Legend has it + that
Legend has it that Zorro was a good guy who robbed he rich to help the poor.

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