What comes to your mind?


Chelsea & Chip

You can sit quietly on a big porch and look out over blue water.

Image no loud engines or car horns interrupting that quiet.

The clip-clop of horses’ hooves fills your ears

The 3.8-square-mile island is accessible only by boat or plane.

British and then American soldiers were also posted here.

Throngs of tourists found beauty and relaxation onMackinac.

But in 1895, the nation transferred it to Michigan, …

In 1898, when the automobile age threatened to come to the island, …

Ashley & Ken

commercial   /kəˈmɜːʃl/ DJ   /kəˈmɜːrʃl/ DJ US   /kə‘mɝʃəl/ KK US

commerce (n) 商業, 貿易, 交易

adjective, connected with the buying and selling of goods and services 貿易的;商業的

the commercial heart of the city 城市的商業中心

commercial baby foods 市面上的嬰兒食品

noun, an advertisement on the radio or on television (電台或電視播放的)廣告

        a commercial break  插播廣告時間

commercial fishermen 商業漁夫
commercial businesses
commercial success
profit (n)
利潤, 盈利; 收益, 紅利
non-profit organization
非營利的組織 ~ charity 慈善機構


accessible /əkˈsesəbl/ (adj) 可進入的; 可使用的
access (n)
進入; 使用
The class website is only accessible for the listed students.
The village is easily accessible by car or boat.
post (v)
The troops have been posted in the valley for days.
The chief posted 2 police officers at the eyewitness‘ home.
院長在目擊者的 家中佈署了2名警官。
post (n)
The soldier remained at his post by order.
transfer (v)
轉換; 調動;改變
transferred / transferring
After working 5 years in sales, Lisa was transferred to management.
在業務單位服務5年之後,Lisa 被轉移到管理部門。 

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