Chinglish : Long time no see


Chelsea & Chip

So in order to find out about their lives and experiences in college, I decided to step into their shoes.

The students in Taipei have such colorful and exciting lives compared with my life in the States.

In the States, we have papers, group projects, formal presentations and research, which help students develop the ability to learn by themselves.

I find myself experiencing reverse culture shock. But I am slowly readjusting to my home culture.


Ken & Ashley

goodbye; farewell; so long (till we meet again); see you; (I’ll) be seeing you.

to make a long story short 簡而言之

It’s a long story. 這個說來話長



After being back for a month. I found myself experiencing
reverse culture shock.(After + verb-ing,subject finds oenself + verb-ing)

After exercising regularly for two months, Jody found herself enjoying her workout sessions.

Tyler usually likes to eat spaghetti, but after having spaghetti every night for a whole week, he found himself feeling sick and tired of it.



step into somebody’s shoes 感同身受;接替別人的工作
When he saw the homeless man on the streets he briefly
stepped into his shoes and decided to give him some money.
After James left the job, Greg stepped
into his shoes and did a wonderful job.
reverse (adj)
The reverse side of the coat was lined with silk.
If you do the procedure in reverse sequence,
you will shut down the whole computer system.
readjust (v)
After Ricky moved to the suburbs, he took some time
to readjust his lifestyle.
Students need help in readjusting after a long summer vacation.

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