When poverty began to plague her family, 15-year-old Alcott pledged to help.

She is determined about what she is going to do in her future. Moving on

Determined to keep her promise to help her family,….

….., all the while continuing to write.

When the American Civil War broke out, Alcott enlisted as a nurse.

Hospital Sketches (1863) was published detailing her experiences and propelling Alcott into the limelight.

Alcott’s life is represented by the novel’s strong-willed and independent protagonist Jo March.

Little Women is now considered a classic and has even gone on to inspire several film adaptations along the way.

[word and Phase]

seamstress /ˈsiːmstrəs/ DJ /’simstrəs/ KK /ˈsem-/ DJ /’sɛm-/ KK

  • A seamstress is a woman who sews and makes clothes as her job.

enlist /ɪnˈlɪst/ DJ /ɪn’lɪst/ KK, to join or to make somebody join the armed forces.

  • He was enlisted into the US Navy.
  • to enlist as a soldier.enlist (v) 從軍, 入伍, 應募
    Both brothers enlisted in the marines and had great success.
    They enlisted over 100 recruits today.

Sketch /sketʃ/ DJ /skɛtʃ/ KK, a simple picture that is drawn quickly and does not have many details.

  • The artist is making sketches for his next painting.

propel /prəˈpel/ DJ /prə’pɛl/ KK,to force somebody to move in a particular direction or to get into a particular situation

Fury propelled her into action. 怒火驅使她行動起來

protagonist /prəˈtæɡənɪst/ DJ /prə’tægənɪst/ KK, A protagonist in a play, novel, or real event is one of the main people in it. charater in movie


  • Someone who is strong-willed has a lot of determination and always tries to do what they want, even though other people may advise them not to.

protagonist (n) 主演; 主角; 主唱者
antagonist (n) 敵手, 對手
plot (n) (小說, 戲劇等的)情節
lose the plot 跟不上情節

plague (v) 【口】使苦惱; 煩憂; 折磨
The disease began to plague the girl when she was just a baby.
My brother has been plaguing me all weekend.
Cindy’s knee injury plagued her for years.

adaptation (n) 改編, 改寫; 改寫本;適應, 適合
adapt (v) 改編
The movie is actually an adaptation of a famous sci-fi book.
The panda’s adaption to the new zoo has been quite difficult.

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